Virtuosa, a Bulgarian haute joaillerie maison founded in 1999, is able to translate in reality the dream to concept a jewel that is ancient and modern at the same time because is the son of a wide experimentation and the more classical tradition.

Bulgaria is where everything started. Every energy, colors and scents give life to something extraordinary and unique, which the brand lovingly turn into jewels. Today Virtuosa wouldn’t be the same company without the Bulgaria and its international appeal that makes it so special.

Art Decò, Art Nouveau and Belle Epoque find in Virtuosa the perfect summary thanks its taste for baroque and theatrical stylistic solutions visually striking where the simplicity of shapes is accompanied by a thousand little details that make it absolutely unique and lovely every creation in which the craftsmanship and handmade play a prominent rolo.

With its jewels, Virtuosa desires to reflect timeless, yet modern beauty. The aesthetic sense is a great value that, together with craftsmanship secrets is mirrored in each Virtuosa creation: jewels designed to evoke passion, joyfulness and infinite joie de vivre from the first time they are worn.

The capability to transfer inspirations and dreams into the jewels characterizes the brand’s collections with an unmistakeable mark of identity and uniqueness.

The goal is to give new light to those who wear a Virtuosa jewel, but, at the end, who choose Virtuosa has already inside a light that always guided her steps to the beauty and the absolute elegance.

The brand shows in each creation an innate love for the world of art: its creativity takes shape through the hands of flawless jewellery artisans, who bring Virtuosa’s romantic and borderless imagination to life through their skills, telling its story through jewels that truly become works of art.

Taste and experimentation turn each creation into an unedited example of style and innovation for creativity and quality.

Sophistication and audacity, elegance and desire to dare: in Virtuosa opposites attract happily giving to its clients in every collection always a new intense emotion because its tireless instinct to always bring something inedited to life pushes Virtuosa to create models which satisfy the needs of the most diverse international markets. With always more success.

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